Enchantée Sarah Burton

Before posting my favorites from the Alexander McQueen collection, I would like to take a minute to discuss Sarah Burton.  Can you even imagine the tsunami of emotions flowing over her at this moment?

When I saw this photo of Burton, I was reminded of a TED talk that Elizabeth Gilbert gave after the success of her novel, Eat, Pray, Love, in which she discussed the enormous pressure to create and the difficulty in knowing that her greatest achievement might be behind her.  Now think about Burton and the added dimension of pressure- she has found herself on the shoulders of a giant with millions of eyes waiting to see if she fulfills their expectations.  McQueen’s untimely death left Burton with difficult shoes to fill.  How does one know the perfect balance of following in her predecessor’s footsteps and breaking away to showcase her own creativity?

The collection was the perfect balance.  Burton managed to keep theatrical elements of McQueen’s designs, but executed them in a, dare I say, wearable, way that was all her own.

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