I was looking through some pictures from a trip to Paris last year when I stumbled upon this.  I am currently obsessed with fur.  These were vintage and incredibly expensive because some fabulous French woman used to wear them to the opera.  Right now I am wearing my fur collar thrift store finds .



Three things I will be wearing all fall:
 J.Crew cracked leather boots, camel shawl coat from Surface to Air, and MAC Lipglass in Desire,


Menswear Inspired

Photo from WWD
I think that menswear inspired looks are so sexy.  Lately I have been shopping in the mens department at the thrift store.  I think that baggy can work and not look sloppy if you belt it and show a little skin.  My favorite way to rock menswear is with red or plum lipstick.
This look is from Dsquared2 Spring 11 RTW.



The lovely Ms. Rinto.

American Apparel Top
Vintage Necklace
H&M Skirt
Jeffery Campbell Shoes


"I'm into leather"

During the summer I was wondering around soho and literally stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this necklace.  An artist named Haknik created it out of beautiful grey leather.  The geometric shape of it and the controlled fringe just took my breath away and I had to have it.  
I love having one of a kind things and after speaking with the artist I really believe that something that is one of a kind has to have the perfect owner.  There is a mutual appreciation between the object and the owner.  That is how I feel about this necklace.  Maybe I should give it a name...


When it rains...

It pours.  I find that when I go thrifting I either find nothing or a million things.  The other day I found a million.  My personal favorite right now are these adorable wellies with a pointy toe.  The lovely Ms. Rinto is modeling them to the left.  So now I'm waiting for some rain.  I think they look very similar to the Loeffler Randall rainboots that I have been lusting after (picture to the right).


80s, 90s, oh10s

I love the new tailored harem pants that are coming back. Very refined hammer pants. I got these from Black House White Market a while ago.  The wonderfully 90s crop top is a thrift find by the lovely Ms. Rinto. Can't touch this.

Fur Real?

For fall I am loving fur trims.  A little Kate Moss inspired mixed with a little Russian winter.  I found these beauties at the thrift store in Youngstown. and am obsessed.  Both of the jackets have real fur collars, which I love/hate.  However, I am a vegetarian and they are second hand recycled so give me a break.  


I feel like this outfit says, "I am not opposed to the use of recreational drugs. or the Amish lifestyle."

Andrew Marc Leather Jacket
Vintage Rolling Stones Tee
Silence and Noise Maxi
Rachel Roy Bracelet


Aldo collaboration with Julian Louie for Spring 2011



This non woven fabric is created when the fibers of the spray stick to each other. It was developed through a collaboration with the Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. The process is called Fabrication. Fun to imagine what the future of this invention will be...

My Very First Post...

To me, fashion is all about appreciation.  Studying fashion merchandising, I learned to appreciate all of the brands and big names in fashion.  Spending time with fashion design students, I learned to appreciate how garments are put together and their various elements.  I believe that those who love fashion are those who appreciate the subtle details of life and know how to take pleasure in them.  Scott Schuman, AKA “The Sartorialist”, inspired this blog. His photographs manifest a deep appreciation for the details that people express about themselves through their clothing.
In my blog I hope to appreciate fashion and the world around me and to inspire those who appreciate it with me.