Book Review

So I thought that I would sometimes write about books that I read or am reading.  Here is one of my favorites.  I'm going to break it into sections so its not too horribly long to read. 
Where Am I Wearing by Kelsey Timmerman deals with globalization in the garment industry.  In the book, Timmerman chronicles his travels to the countries in which a handful of his favorite garments were made, to speak with factory workers and view life from a different perspective. 
The first  country that Timmerman wrote about was Bangladesh.  There, two million people live as garment workers.  The cheap labor available in the country is fueling the growing economy.  The inflow of money to these garment industries from foreign investments is helping to stabilize the  economy in Bangladesh.  Most of the workers in the garment industry are woman and children.  These workers are a key factor in lifting the country out of poverty.  While in America it is not common for children to go to work, in Bangladesh it is.  

Unfortunately, working in the garment factories is one of the safest jobs that an uneducated person can attain.  If not in a garment factory, children would most likely work at a much more dangerous job or beg on the streets.  Working in factories allows children to send money back to their families in villages to help them survive.  Timmerman emphasizes the culture of poverty in Bangladesh, which is unknown to many in America


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